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Website : http://www.hiddenhandmedia.org/

E-mail : hhm.contact@gmail.com

Country : USA

State : Texas

City : Odessa

Phone : 14322721964

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About Us

Discovering truth through intelligent open minded communication. Radio, Investigations, and paranormal studies. To report on stories that don't recieve very much, if any attention by the mainstream media (MSM). To present information and analysis for the consideration of the listener, without necessarily taking any bias, and without necessarily proclaiming a belief in substance of any particular topic To present stories and topics, that are thought provoking and compelling. To present stories and topics, that would, by most people, be considered "paranormal".

Why we are best

We present evidence and opinions of believers and skeptics alike, while fostering an environment wherein people of differing belief systems, may have a forum for respectful dialogue and debate, even when stressed.


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