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About Us

Witchward is the brainchild of the Writer and Director Jason Davitt. It has taken just under three years to write and complete, and has been painstakingly researched. Witchward is the first TV drama to be written by a real Witch and because of this has a unique element of truth to it. All Spells are authentic. The language spoken by the Magickal and Spiritual Beings in Witchward is Enochian, a real Magickal language allegedly given by an Angel to John Dee, the Astrologer Royal to Queen Elizabeth the first. All story lines are based around documented elements of the Occult World Vampires, Demons, Homunculus’s, Elemental spirits and Angels all have an appearance in Witchward, but shown in a completely different light, enriched by the writer’s wealth of occult knowledge. The Grimoire itself, the Ultimate Book of Magick, central to the plot of the series, is based around the Clavicle of Solomon, the infamous book allegedly written by the Sorcerer King Solomon of old. All told, Witchward should Entertain, Enlighten and Tantalise the senses of those who dare to join in its Adventure!


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