Fangs by Father Sebastiaan / Sabretooth


Address : 104 4th Avenue, New York, New York 10003

Website : http://fathersebastiaan.com/fangs/

E-mail : father@sabretooth.com

Country : USA

State : New York

City : New York

Phone : 646 233 3015

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About Us

Starting in 1994 on Christmas Day by making fangs for his mom he has travelled the world making fangs in over 28 countries and is the Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball and author of over a dozen books on vampirism. Father Sebastiaan’s fangs are all hand carved by a trained dental technician. Each pair color matches the clients teeth and in most cases to no need adhesives. Styles include basics such as Lilith and Classics, with more deluxe styles including Lost Boys, Interviews, Beast, Sabres, Raptors, Daywalkers, Brooklyn and so on. Fangs are $99 per pair plus tax for basis and move up in design depending on the style. He has been seen on National Geographic, CNN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, ArtE France and History Channel. He is also seen been featured in New York Times, Cosmo, InStyle, Tattoo Savage, New York Time Out and Skin Two Magazine.

Why we are best

Sabretooth Fangs by Father Sebastiaan worlds most famous Fangsmith and an authority on the modern vampire culture.