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Address : Post Office Box 451

Website : http://hauntedtravelsusa.com

E-mail : hauntedtravelsUSA@gmail.com

Country : USA

State : Florida

City : Ocala

Phone : 3523220883

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About Us

Haunted Travels USA presents the perfect paranormal destination get-aways, collaborating the best of haunted inns, ghost tours and events!

Why we are best

One of the fastest growing and most fascinating niches in specialty tourism is traveling to HAUNTED DESTINATIONS. Whether it is an amazing paranormal event that is taking you across the nation, or the romance of one of the country’s most haunted cities, most spirited destinations will have all the components to making your voyage absolutely unbelievable. In fact, many times, these get-aways, as compared to crowded theme parks or stuffy resorts, are quite affordable. Why visit a man-made replica, when you can be submerged into an authentically historical and spirited journey?rnWith this app, Haunted Travels USA will help you design a customized itinerary that is a Ghost Hunter’s envy. Choose among hand-picked spirited lodging, ghostly tours, paranormal events and meeting new people with similar interests! Get ready to be amazed by history as told by the living and the not-so much living (anymore)!


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