Write in the Thick of Things


Address : Web store front

Website : writeinthethick.com

E-mail : writeinthethick@gmail.com

Country : USA

State : California

City : Gunnison

Phone : 970-641-2682

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About Us

Kym & Mark Todd are journalists, novelists, and paranormal investigators. Their writing and design business, Write in the Thick of Things, offers service journalism, editing, proofing, ghost writing, and press releases as well as graphic design including advertising and book cover design and layout, and also Web page design. Their sister entity (pun intended) Wraiths in the Thick of Things has conducted 70 paranormal investigations. (Check out their YouTube channel "Ghost Hunt Findings" for video clips from their investigations.) They have seven books, including the Silverville Saga, a trilogy of paranormal comedies. (See their Website for titles and links to publishers.) Their current book is WILD WEST GHOSTS, a guide to ghost hunting in Colorado.

Why we are best

With over 50 years of combined writing and publishing experience, Mark & Kym Todd have a knack for seeing projects through to completion -- and always on deadline. Their active engagement in and projects about the paranormal has resulted in over a quarter million page views. They're also trained field investigators for the Mutual UFO Network and serve on MUFON's STAR Rapid Response Team in Colorado.